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There is a worldwide explosion of mature travelers. Recognized companies can better capture the vast business potential of the active mature travelers' $157 billion annual spending. Travelers aged 60+ are projected to take 1.6-2 trillion trips by 2050, encompassing 88% of premium travel service spenders (World Tourism Organization). Ageless Tourism Recognition sets your company apart as a leader in serving mature, experienced travelers. This recognition ensures that your practices, staff tr...

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Benefits of Ageless Tourism Recognition

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• Boost Your Business: Attract more mature, experienced travelers. • Lead the Industry: Stand out as a pioneer in age-inclusive tourism. • Enhance Staff Satisfaction: Foster a positive work environment with specialized training. • Amplify Marketing Power: Leverage our comprehensive promotional package. • High-Level Networking: Connect with top industry professionals and gain community awards. • Exclusive Exposure: Be prominently featured in our directory. Unlock these benefits and eleva...

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Securing Your Ageless Tourism Recognition is Easy

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Take these simple steps: 1. Enroll in Our Program: Start your journey towards excellence. 2. Receive Our Tools: Access an online tutorial. Get an online questionnaire for your team. 3. Complete the Process: Participate in a private meeting and develop a tailored Action Plan. Join us today and take the first steps Get Access to all of the Benefits. Become a leader in age-inclusive tourism!

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Ongoing Support After Recognition

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Once recognized, you'll have continuous access to the Ageless Tourism consortium for: • Expert support and consulting • Advanced training programs • Strategic guidance for outreach and design • Marketing and promotional assistance • Creative project development We're here to help you amplify your impact and boost your profits. Partner with us for sustained success!

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Best Practices Infographic

According to U.S. Labor Department statistics, those sixty-five and older account for 22% of consumer spending, more significant than any other age cohort and rising exponentially since 2005.

As demographic shifts indicate, the fastest-growing travel cohorts are women aged 60+ and travelers over 80, seeking Ageless Experiences like grandparent and Skip Generation trips, respite travel for caregivers, senior sports, soft adventure, lifelong learning, volunTOURing, wellness travel, medical tourism, and cultural travel.

Ageless Tourists Speak Up!

I can't read the writing on the shampoo and conditioner bottles. It's dangerous to leave the shower to get glasses.

I am a champion runner and get treated like I am about to keel over because my hair is grey.

I am tired of asking for a light to read a menu. It makes me feel small.

My husband and I have different walking paces, but itineraries rarely accommodate both of us.

Even on cruises, I must ask for a low-salt dish, yet vegan dishes are always on the menu.

I travel four times a year solo but always get treated to a tiny, dark room, even though I pay a supplement.

I wish that hotels made it easier for me to use technology. I'm tired of having to ask for help with T.V.s, thermostats, and finding plugs.