About Us

The Ageless Tourism Mission

The Mission of Ageless Tourism is to guide tourism-related businesses in accurately assessing the needs and psychographics of the mature leisure and business traveler and in providing the highest level of service in an atmosphere that nurtures and facilitates lifelong travel.

A related mission is to promote those tourism-related companies that have demonstrated excellence in reaching, serving, and elevating the experience of the mature traveler through obtaining Recognition.

To fulfill that mission, we aim to help the industry understand typical aging and distinguish the needs of the mature. Despite excellent health and economic security, age does bring new challenges.

Specific barriers experienced by the Ageless Traveler include the loss of travel companions, mobility or minor health issues, food restrictions, slower-paced travel, sensory deprivations, and more. However, these factors are not automatically linked to illness or decline. They may have limitations or restrictions, but their needs and psychography fall into what gerontologists now see as a new life stage.

Like Green, Sustainable, or Age-Friendly Workplace and Age-Friendly City designations, The Ageless Tourism Recognition intensifies awareness of the issues faced by this cohort, including ageism, loneliness, and self-imposed helplessness, by leading our industry to help travelers combat and erase these limitations through tourism.

The Ageless Tourism Recognition Program: Addressing Industry Gaps


To capture business potential and accommodate mature travelers at the highest level of excellence, The Ageless Tourism Recognition Program serves as an indispensable resource.

Recognizing tourism as a life stage, the Recognition Program aims to address the evolving needs of the mature traveler, now and for future generations.

In recognition of the vast loss of revenues and the negative impact on world peace, volunteering, and isolation that a significant reduction in mature tourism can bring, it behooves the industry to work toward the elimination of the barriers to travel and make the predictions of vastly increasing travel by this cohort a reality.

Some of the barriers to mature travel addressed in the Recognition Program include:

  • Systemic ageism in marketing and imaging
  • Natural lessening of sensory ability through aging
  • Misinformation and prejudice or lack of understanding of the physical deficits and strengths as we age.
  • Age-unfriendly or discrimination in the built environment
  • Disregard of or improper age-tech support
  • Lack of staff training or inclusiveness in serving the older guest

Further, the industry is uniquely positioned to improve longevity through wellness travel and to catalyze increased companionship through travel. Isolation is a growing issue regardless of economic group as we age. This loss of companionship has moved the U.S. Surgeon General to make loneliness equal to smoking in reduced health span and even life span. This posits an opportunity for the leisure travel industry to bond travelers with each other through mechanisms provided by tourism-related enterprises to their customers and guests.

Our History

Ageless Tourism initiative was born after The Ageless Traveler podcast and blog heard ageism complaints among its followers. A State of The Industry Report was issued by the Ageless Traveler, followed by a series of well-attended webinars to the International Federation on Ageing, the Pass It On Network and The World Tourism Network, proving the interest in the industry over the mature market.

These renowned organizations have initiated a pioneering Recognition Program designed to support the travel industry in attracting and enhancing the experiences of active mature tourists.

In the last fifteen years, there has been a massive shift in consumer spending, including travel and tourism expenditures, with active mature travelers spending $157 billion annually. Travelers aged 60+ are projected to take 1.6-2 trillion trips by 2050, encompassing 88% of premium travel service spenders (World Tourism Organization).

To capture this business and accommodate travelers at the highest level of excellence,  the Ageless Tourism Recognition Program stands as an indispensable resource and a logical step for the tourism industry.

The oldest of the baby boomer cohort, those born between 1946 and 1964, are slated to enjoy a long retirement with travel as an essential life goal. Stanford University Longevity Center is mapping the 100-year life.

Among its findings is the need for longevity-ready communities. Already, such communities have ratings and Recognitions as age-friendly cities, age-friendly workplaces, and age-friendly corporations (U.K.). It is time for the tourism industry to have such designations for reshaping the travel industry to cater to active mature tourists.

Recognizing the immense economic potential and unique needs of this demographic, the Ageless Tourism Recognition Program has emerged as a crucial initiative for the tourism sector. It aims to elevate travel experiences for mature travelers to the highest standards of excellence.

The Ageless Tourism Program is not just a recognition; it's a commitment to fostering inclusive and age-friendly tourism practices worldwide. Join us in setting new standards for excellence and inclusivity in travel.

Key Highlights:

  • $157 Billion Market: Active mature travelers contribute significantly to global tourism expenditures.
  • Projected Growth: By 2050, travelers aged 60+ will dominate premium travel spending.
  • Longevity-Ready Communities: Insights from Stanford University underscore the need for age-friendly tourism designations.
  • Industry Leadership: The Ageless Tourism Recognition Program sets the benchmark for excellence in catering to mature travelers' diverse needs.

Embrace the future of travel with the Ageless Tourism Recognition Program.

Who We Are

Adriane Berg, Founder The Ageless Traveler

Adriane Berg is a proven expert in guiding the tourism and hospitality industry in understanding and attracting mature and boomer guests and travelers. As the Founder of The Ageless Traveler, an Information Hub with podcasts, blogs, and consulting services, she brings a profound voice to travel-related aging issues.

Adriane is the first tourism professional to be appointed to the Board of Directors of The United Nations Global NGO Executive Committee. With a bird's eye view of international travel and local experiences, Adriane serves as the United Nations Representative for the International Federation on Ageing and the NGO Committee on Ageing. In this role, she advocates for human rights for older people worldwide, providing insider insights into the places that Ageless Travelers want to explore.

With a personal record of visiting 110 countries and counting, Adriane is not just a cheerleader for the mature traveler – she's a living embodiment of it. Her expertise has been harnessed by Tourism Malasia, China, Uzbekistan, Newfoundland, Canada, Zambia and more.

Adriane is also the host of the award-winning podcast Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth About Aging, a New York Times Age Boom journalist, and the host of On The Ground, the podcast of the Global NGO Executive Committee.

She is a trusted source for ageless living and travel wellness. Her expertise extends beyond storytelling, offering access to continuing contributions after retirement through The Ageless Ambassador Program for Voluntourism.

Adriane believes traveling is a powerful way to infuse the world with energy, happiness, and hope. In return, we gain rich experiences that fuel our everlasting curiosity and keep us genuinely young. Join Adriane on a journey of ageless travel, where every adventure contributes to a life well-lived.

Peter C. Anderson  Managing Director, Wellness Consulting Practice Leader.


Mr. Anderson is a veteran in the hospitality, wellness, and leisure industries. During his multi-decade consulting career, he has been engaged in developing and programming issues related to resorts, hotels, and spa/lifestyle communities. His expertise includes developing strategic operating plans, renovations, and branding ultimately resulting in enhanced operations and stakeholder profitability.

He evaluates industry trends, their related revenue sources, and economic viability. He has personally conducted multiple engagements that require detailed and integrated knowledge of market analysis, real estate valuation and lifestyle trends.
Immersive destination wellness environments are an integral component of Mr. Anderson’s expertise. While he is based in Los Angeles, his work is global and has
conducted engagements such as: Dubai Health Care City Wellness Master Plan, Dubai, UAE,
 Hotel Bel Air Resort and Spa, Bel Air, CA,
 HADI Wellness Center, Kuwait City, Kuwait
 The Phoenician Center for Well Being, Scottsdale, AZ
 Los Angeles Superior Court, Hotel Receivership, Manhattan Beach, LA, CA
 Spa, Wellness and Fitness Programming for the Los Angeles Athletic Club, LA, CA
 Brand Development and Corporate Growth Initiatives Development of a Wellness
Center Glen Ivy Mineral Springs and Day Spas, Various locations
 The St. Julien Resort, Boulder, CO
 Planned Wellness Resort Community Bachmann Springs, Tombstone, AZ
 The Ridge, an Immersive Wellness Resort, Idyllwild, CA
 Marriott Corporation Asset Management, LA, CA
 Bass Investments Portfolio Analysis, Various Locations
 Hotel Bankruptcy, District Court of Pueblo, CO
Mr. Anderson speaks globally on the development of wellness-based lodging and has
presented his finding throughout North America, as well as in London England, Monte
Carlo, Monaco, Melbourne, Australia and Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Juergen Steinmetz, Founder of TravelNewsGroup

Juergen Steinmetz is the founder, and CEO of TravelNewsGroup, the publisher of eTurboNews, and 16 other travel and tourism-related online publications with more than 2 million readers around the globe.

TravelNewsGroup operates Travel Marketing Network in New York.

He has continuously worked in the travel and tourism industry since he was a teenager in Germany (1977), beginning as a travel agent up through today as a publisher of eTurboNews (eTN), one of the world’s most influential and most-read travel and tourism publications.

His experiences include working and collaborating with various national tourism offices and non-governmental organizations, as well as private and non-profit organizations, and in planning, implementing, and quality control of a range of travel and tourism-related activities and programs, including tourism policies and legislation.

His major strengths include a vast knowledge of travel and tourism from the point of view of a successful private enterprise owner, superb networking skills, strong leadership, excellent communication skills, strong team player, attention to detail, dutiful respect for compliance in all regulated environments, and advisory skills in both political and non-political arenas concerning tourism programs, policies, and legislation.

Steinmetz has often been involved in some high-level government and private stakeholders consulting and works on projects regarding tourism safety, security, and overall consulting.

Publisher: eTurboNews.com, travelwirenews.com, ForimmediateRelease.net, HawaiiNews.online, Meetings.travel, Aviation.travel, German Tourism Board, Saudi Tourism News, Travel Industry News, Travel Wire News, Livestream.travel, Rebuilding Travel, Breaking News Show, eTurboNews.de Germany

Sharon Rose Social Gerontologist

As a Social Gerontologist, Sharon is focused on intergenerational communities and companies, as well as the 50+ marketplace.

Her work is innovating activities and programs for education, inspiration, healthy aging, purpose and the use of agetech devices to improve quality of life, productivity and social engagement.

Earlier in her career, Sharon was Executive Director of the New York City Host Committee for the Grammy Awards. That position was the culmination of years of working in the entertainment industry with public and private sector leaders of New York City, and 11 years working in senior management for Loews Hotels. In the hospitality industry, she also concentrated on branding, tourism marketing, and serving as a liaison to City and State government.

She received a Master's degree in Gerontology, Management of Aging Services, in 2017 from the University of Massachusetts Boston. She was awarded membership in the Sigma Phi Omega Honorary Society.  She has lived in several U.S. cities -including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego, as well as in South Florida. That combined with international travel, has given her a strong global network of business relationships.


Carol Sargent: Travel Advisor for CareGivers & Recients

Carol believes in positive risk taking to empower and enable people to experience travel and tourism alongside any invisible or visible disabilities they may have.

Carol's first career was as a scientist, obtaining a PhD on omega-3 fatty acids and cardiovascular disease from Edinburgh University. She then pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry in the US with Bristol Myers Squibb and Merck in cardiovascular disease, and then in the UK with Aventis and AstraZeneca in respiratory disease. This culminated in her drug project being evaluated in clinical trials costing in excess of $700 million.

When dementia entered her families lives, she left her scientific carer and founded the UK's first year-round specialist dementia holiday organisation. As a hands-on leader driven by evidence-based research, she demonstrated that anybody still living at home with dementia can experience the joy of holidays. Furthermore, her organisation generated evidence which unambiguously demonstrated improvements in health and well-being after just one 4-day holiday.