What is Ageless Tourism Recognition

Introducing Ageless Tourism Recognition (ATR)

ATR is the world's only designation program recognizing tourism-related organizations, professionals, and services as the best choices for travelers aged 60 and beyond. While many companies welcome mature travelers, ATR-recognized businesses are distinguished as the most trustworthy and reliable for this dynamic demographic.


Recognition Criteria

To earn Ageless Tourism Recognition, your organization must demonstrate:

  • Values embracing inclusiveness and age-friendly practices
  • Policies and programs supporting mature travelers
  • Understanding of aging, life stages, and their intersection with travel experiences
  • Non-ageist marketing and branding
  • An inclusive workplace environment


Why ATR Designation Matters

Ageless Tourism Recognition is a key to attracting higher-spending travelers. With the youngest boomers reaching 60 in 2024, the demand for mature travel experiences is set to soar. Capitalize on this generational shift in wealth and spending by becoming an ATR-recognized business.


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Did You Know?

The fastest-growing segment of the population is Centenarians, and currently, those aged 85+ are the fastest-growing population of tourists. These startling numbers are relevant to the future of tourism and how we challenge ourselves today to attract, serve, and retain our 60+ guests.

Why Get Recognized?

Unlock the Potential of a $157 Billion Market

The mature traveler segment boasts significant spending power. With travelers aged 60+ projected to take 1.6-2 trillion trips by 2050, they represent 88% of premium travel service spenders (World Tourism Organization).

Fastest-Growing Travel Cohorts

  • Women aged 60+
  • Travelers over 80

These groups seek Ageless Experiences such as:

  • Grandparent and Skip Generation trips
  • Respite travel for caregivers
  • Senior sports and soft adventure
  • Lifelong learning and volunTOURing
  • Wellness and medical tourism
  • Cultural travel
State of The Industry Report: Addressing The Exponential Growth of 60+ Business and Leisure Tourism

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