How to Apply

The application process to secure your Ageless Tourism Recognition is as simple.


#1. Enroll in Our Program by Completing the Application Form


Complete the Application

#2. Receive:

An online tutorial to share with everyone in your organization you want to participate.: "Understanding the Mature Traveler -10 Special Interest Areas That Increase Your Power to Attract, Serve and Retain the Boomer and Older Traveler."

An online questionnaire to share with everyone in your organization you want to participate. Please send us the answers to the questionnaire online.

#3. Make an Action Plan

We mentor you to develop an action plan with the support of one of our world-renowned consultants.

#4. Promote Your Success with Our Promotional Package:

You will receive your coveted Recognition Badge, suggested social media posts and graphics, postings on WTN and The Ageless Traveler social media sites, eTurbo News press release, and enrollment in World Tourism Network's Ageless Tourism Salon to network with other Recognized Leadership for your sales strategy for this market.

Your Tool Kit provides guidance on how to promote your Recognition, and professional examples of social media posts to promote your excellence and drive business.


Complete the Application