Benefits of Recognition

Attract More Business, Be A Leader,

Make a Difference


Join the Ageless Tourism Recognition (ATR) Program

Become part of an influential community shaping the future of tourism. The Ageless Tourism Recognition (ATR) is the world’s premier designation program identifying the best tourism-related organizations, professionals, and services for travelers aged 60 and beyond. Stand out as the most trustworthy and reliable choice for mature travelers.

Benefits of Recognition

Grow Your Business

Gain industry-wide acknowledgment, signaling to consumers and their families that you are the preferred choice

Attract more clients and foster a network for exponential growth. See me on spacing

Your Recognition signals that:

  • Your Values embrace inclusiveness and age-friendly practices
  • Your Policies and programs support mature travelers
  • Your Understanding of aging, life stages, and their intersection with travel experiences is outstanding
  • Your Non-ageist marketing and branding distinguishes you from the competition
  • Your inclusive workplace environment makes for better service and increases both guest and staff satisfaction

Promotional Benefits:

  • Enjoy promotion by The Ageless Traveler, the World Tourism Network, and media partners like eTurboNews and the Travelnewsgroup.
  • Get featured on ATR social media channels for increased visibility.

Consumer Outreach and Marketing:

  • Use the ATR Badge to showcase your age-friendly practices.
  • Promote your business through our Directory, reaching a broader audience of mature travelers
  • Be eligible for prestigious ATR awards in categories such as Wellness, Adventure, Culture, Connectivity and Voluntourism, Inclusivity, Intergenerationalism, AgeTech, Lifelong Learning, Caregiver Travel, Solo Travel, Luxury Travel, and Anti-Ageism and Advocacy.

Exclusive Research and Insights:

  • Access exclusive consumer research to understand market trends and preferences.

Elite Networking Opportunities:

  • Attend invitation-only events with C-level executives in the tourism community.
  • Join a Special Interest Group to collaborate with industry leaders and influencers.


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Why Recognition Matters:

Ageless Tourism Recognition is a key to attracting higher-spending travelers. With the youngest boomers reaching 60 in 2024, the demand for mature travel experiences is set to soar. Capitalize on this generational shift in wealth and spending by becoming an ATR-Recognized business.


Prestigious ATR Awards:

Only Recognized entities can apply for The Ageless Traveler Award, an industry-wide recognition bestowed upon Recognized tourism-related companies. Categories include:

  • Longevity: Programs or services contributing to healthspan, longevity, and wellness.
  • Connectivity: Initiatives enhancing intergenerational connections.
  • Contribution and Volunteerism: Programs enhancing volunteer opportunities.
  • Inclusivity: Excellence in inclusive marketing, design, and service.
  • Lifelong Learning: Opportunities for skill development and lifelong learning.
  • Life Stage: Enhancing mature travelers' life stages, such as grandparent travel.
  • Anti-Ageism and Advocacy: Advocacy for issues important to mature travelers.
  • And More

Enhanced Training and Development:

  • Access online staff training resources to improve your decision making and increase your return on investments

Boost Your Business by Being the Trusted Choice

Embrace the future of travel by becoming a leader in the mature market. Join the Ageless Tourism Recognition program today and stand out as a trusted choice for seasoned travelers.

Take the Next Step:

Join the Ageless Tourism Recognition Program today and embark on a journey of growth and excellence.

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Collaboration and Networking:

Upon Recognition, join an influential cohort of industry leaders to refine tourism subcategories, addressing specific needs across various travel niches. Collaborate with influencers, venue operators, designers, tour operators, and The Ageless Traveler through consumer surveys, polls, and focus groups.

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Elevate Your Business with Ageless Tourism Recognition:

Set new standards and provide innovative solutions in age-friendly tourism. From physical environments to experiential considerations, address the needs of mature travelers with excellence. Join us today and make a significant impact in the tourism industry.

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