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Are you in the tourism industry and keen on capturing the business of the 60+ Travelers?

Look no further than The Ageless Traveler Certification Program (TATCP), designed by travel expert and attorney Adriane Berg, the founder of The Ageless Traveler. Our program simplifies the process, making it seamless for you to cater to the needs of mature travelers.

How our program works

Our Certification Program sets new standards across all tourism sectors, addressing age-friendly technology, staff training, accessibility design, and itinerary creation.

Join us in bridging the gap and delivering exceptional tourism experiences to the 60+ Traveler demographic.

Start with our self-evaluation program, followed by a brainstorming consulting session.
Our partnership with the World Tourism Network, our 25,000+ members in 133 countries, our new widely promoted directory, and global media coverage will generate new business and a new concept for your sales strategy for this market.


If you’re a World Tourism Network Executive member, the start of this journey is free.
The initial cost of $299 includes your self-evaluation and training course, our certificate, a one-by-one consulting session, your entry into our new directory as an Ageless-friendly establishment, and a press release welcoming you to our program.

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